Canary Wharf Escorts Top Health Tips

You don’t need to resort to buying half the pharmacy in order to stay healthy, says Tina from Canary Wharf escorts. Some of the gents that I date here at Canary Wharf escorts are popping pills left, right and center, and I am not so sure that it is doing them any good at all. Most of the time, I think that many of the drugs my regular gents at Canary Wharf escorts are taking, are surplus to requirement. You should not have to take a couple of painkillers to get through the day.

The biggest problem that I notice with my gents here at Canary Wharf escorts is that many of them are overweight. A lot of their health problems actually come from being overweight. I know that it is not easy to lose weight, but when you need to, you can. Like I say to my gents at Canary Wharf escorts, let weight be the main indicator of your health. I have noticed that some of the gents that I meet up with at Canary Wharf escorts get out of breath very quickly and that is no good at all.

As a matter of fact, being out of breath is a good indicator that your heart is under strain. The first thing you need to do to shed some pounds, is to change your diet. Most of the gents who visit us girls here at Canary Wharf escorts are in business and that often means lunches and dinners out. I am surprised, but a lot of restaurants are not as aware of healthy foods as I would expect them to be. I often dine out with my gents at Canary Wharf escorts, and many of the menus are a bit of an eye opener. The truth is that if I and my colleagues here at Canary Wharf escorts ate like that, we would all be overweight.

Alcohol is another thing that my regular gents at Canary Wharf escorts seem to have a problem with. I am not saying that any of the gents that I date at Twickenham escorts are alcoholics because they are not. They just drink more throughout the week than they should. I know that it is nice to be sociable and have a glass of wine with dinner, but that rather large glass of wine can contain an extra 150 calories. It is far better to have a small glass of wine, make it red, and drink water if you are thirsty. Before I joined Canary Wharf escorts, I used to work with a guy who drank wine all of the time. When he stopped, he lost tons of weight very quickly.

Talking to my regular gents at Canary Wharf escorts, it is clear that many of them don’t exercise. I tell my dates at Canary Wharf escorts that I got to the gym a lot, but there is no need to do that. Most of my gents at the Canary Wharf escorts services that I work for are rather pushed for time. They experience having to go to the gym as stressful. Well, if you feel that way, there are plenty of alternatives. For instance, you can go for a walk a couple of times per day. As a matter of fact, three short walks of 15 minutes are better for you than longer walks. That is something worth bearing in mind for somebody who is too busy to go to the gym.

I also urge a lot of my gents to cut down on the amount they travel. It seems that gents above a certain age still think it is glamorous to jump on an airplane, and travel to meet clients. Most of the gents that I date at Canary Wharf escorts are over 45 years, and they have a different way of doing business. Personal contact is really important for them, and that means that they feel they need to travel. It is hard to keep up a healthy lifestyle when you travel. But there are alternatives. I say to all of my gents at Twickenham escorts that they can order low fat food when they travel. There is no need to eat steak when you are up in the air. Also, try to get some rest. One of my favorite gents at Canary Wharf escorts uses the time in the air to catch up on some rest now. He takes a good book, and says that his blood pressure has started to come down.

If you want to stay healthy, you should not make it complicated. I know that not all of my gents at Canary Wharf escorts listen to me, but many of them do. It is nice when they visit some time later at my Canary Wharf escorts boudoir, and tell me that they feel better. Better health can be achieved and good health should be enjoyed and not made complicated. I think that many of friends at Canary Wharf escorts would agree with me on that.