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I have really enjoyed working for Luton escorts, but it was just going to be a stop gap. At the end of this year, I am going be leaving Luton escorts and I plan to go traveling. Most of the girls here at the agency has some sort of future plan. A lot of the girls are going onto higher education and some of them are really smart I think it would be fun to meet up in a few years time, to find out what happened to us all. It would be nice to find out if we got what we wanted out of life.

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I have got a kick out of working for Luton escorts and I have enjoyed, but I am going to be moving on to a VIP escorts agency in London. Most of the girls that I have worked with at the agency feel that they have learned a lot from their experience. Some of the girls are planning to go traveling but I am going to stay in escorting for a few more years. After that I would like to go to university to study something, but I am no sure what that is going to be yet.

Am I going to miss my friends? Of course, I am going to miss my friends at Luton escorts, and I think that they will miss me. At the same time I am going to miss many of my gents. Some of them are real characters, and it has been really great knowing them. In a way, I would like them to stay in touch and it will be interesting to see if any of them will keep my personal mobile number when I move on. There are a few gents that I really fancy.

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I have not immediate plans on leaving Luton escorts, and I think it is kind of tragic that so many girls are leaving at the same time. The girls who are leaving Luton escorts have been working here for quite a few years, so I can understand that they would like to move on. I have only been with the agency for a year, and this is my first outing as an escort if you like. Maybe I still have a lot to learn and this is why I have decided to stay with the agency.

When I finally leave, I think I would like to have my own business. I enjoy giving massages so I will look into something like that. One of the girls who left last year, started her own florist and she is doing really well. That just goes to prove that there is life after escorting, and I am kind of looking forward to take on new challenges one day. The only problem is that I am in love with one of my dates here at Luton escorts and I don’t really want to lose him.

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Yes, I am planning to leave Luton escorts. I am actually having a personal relationship with one of my dates. That is really naughty but we couldn’t sort of help it. We both fell in love with each other and I am sure that we are not the first couple in escorting to do so. One of the girls here at the agency says that it happens a lot, and that you can’t tell when. Anyway, this guy is really lovely and he wants me to come and live with him.

It is silly really because I joined Luton escorts to be financially independent. My last boyfriend was really nasty to me so I moved away from the little town I used to live in. I am quite a pretty girl so I managed to find this job at Luton escorts. It has done me proud and I know how some money on my own. I have a funny feeling that it going to work out between my new man and me, and that we might even leave happy ever after. The truth is that you never know but I just have such a good feeling about this guy. Honestly, I have never felt this way about a man before.

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I am leaving Luton escorts in the beginning of next year. I have finally been able to save up enough money to go to medical school and that is great. Yes, I could have taken out a student loan but I would have come out of medical school with massive debts, and I am not sure that I would want that. Now, I can go off to medical school and not have to worry about anything. Yes, it is going to be a struggle and I have to work hard.

However, I have always wanted to go to medical school and this is my chance to train to be a doctor. The boss at Luton escorts is more than happy for me, and I am the first escort to leave the agency and go to medical school. I thought he was going to be upset, but he says that more and more girls are doing this. It will be okay and he says that he would like us to stay friends. The truth is that I am very anxious and it will be good to have him on my side, If it goes wrong, I suppose I can come back to Luton escorts.

Lots of girls work as escorts for a while, and they then move onto something else. A surprising amount of them actually do go on to higher education and perhaps get a degree. It is true what you read in the papers, there are quite a few doctors in the UK who worked as escorts to get the money together for medical school. Going to university is not cheap and it helps if you have a lot of the money ready. After all, you don’t want to come out of university with massive student debts.